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Meghan Markle achieves her look with Kevin.Murphy

Feb 15, 2018

Hairstylist Lydia Sellers who has worked with Markle several times credits Kevin.Murphy as the secret to Meghan’s beautiful natural waves.

Meghan ‘gets’ it

According to Sellers, Meghan really ‘gets’ hair and beauty and at pHd we absolutely approve of her approach which is to enhance her natural gorgeousness. She doesn’t wear heavy makeup and she applies the same thinking to her hair. Which, of course, is why Kevin.Murphy is such a good brand for her, it’s light and kind without compromising on quality, style or hold.

Last year Seller styled Meghan’s hair for a Vanity Fair Mexico cover shoot, she spoke about how they achieved the look.

“We simply enhance her natural beauty: lots of easy, loose waves with texture and volume, just a quick bit of heat with an iron is sometimes all you need,” Sellers says.

For the shoot she used Killer.Curls on almost dry hair and blow dried and styled it before applying Powder.Puff to add volume.

“I wanted the waves to be full and voluminous, but dry, so I needed a product that didn’t add too much weight,” she explains.

The look was completed with a spritz of Bedroom.Hair to add weightless shine.

And Kevin.Murphy for the wedding?

Seller’s admits this look was a little more dramatic than Meghan’s recent look, since becoming a future royal, but very much in keeping with her general style overall.

And for the big day? Of course, all eyes will be on the dress on the big wedding day, but our eyes will be on her hair!

Sellers has predicted a sleek, chignon, we’d love to see it loose and wavey. What about you?