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Organic excellence

in hairdressing



in hairdressing

At pHd Organic living is something that we are extremely passionate about and we have worked hard to ensure that this ethos permeates every aspect of our business meaning that we are the only fully organic hair and beauty salon in the area.

We have years of experience using organic products to provide our clients with the best results and none of the negative side-effects associated with many of the chemical-laden cosmetics on the market today.

The ingredients

Hair and beauty is one of the fastest growing industries in the world and more and more we are aspiring to healthy, salon perfect hair.

Too many of the products we apply get absorbed into our systems, a scary thought given the use of harsh chemicals in most well-known beauty products.

The ingredient lists for many of the shampoos, conditioners, colours and styling products on our supermarket shelves display a daunting array of chemicals such as quaternium-15, which can release formaldehyde, ammonia and phenylenediamine (PPD), which may be carcinogenic.

A disheartening amount of these ‘everyday’ chemicals have known side effects and are used simply because they are a cheaper alternative.

As the use of chemical ingredients increases across so many products, we have no real appreciation of the long-term damage they can be doing to us, or the environment.

What we put on our hair and skin is just as important as what we put in our mouths.

Sensitive excellence

People receiving chemotherapy treatment, suffering from eczema or sensitive skin can find that their skin and hair is under so much stress that the body simply cannot handle the harsh chemicals of modern cosmetic products.

The advice is often to stay away from hair colours and other strong beauty products entirely. Organic products, however, have been demonstrated over and over again to be usable even in these situations.

Purely natural

We’ve taken time to research and select hair care ranges that share our values. We are able to offer a truly organic experience for even the most sensitive clients that will leave their hair and skin feeling the benefit without the cost to the earth. You can read more about our amazing products and suppliers here.

Organic by design

It’s not only our products that are organic, before we had even opened our doors to the public we renovated the space in an environmentally sensitive way. We used non-toxic paint and recycled wood wherever possible and we continue to maintain the salon with only ecologically friendly cleaning products from the Ecover range, even the complimentary beverages we offer to our customers are organic and fairly traded.