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John Masters

We’re great fans of the John Masters Organics range and have been using their hair care and colour range since we opened in 2011 and more recently their skin care range at Pure Beauty at pHd.

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Their products have come a long way in the last twenty years, from being mixed by John in his kitchen sink to featuring more than 30 luxury organic products sold internationally.

The John Masters Organics philosophy is something we also love. They believe that having great hair and skin doesn’t need to harm the earth.

Their dedication to organic beauty has resulted in a range of Super Natural Beauty products made using ingredients grown and harvested organically or wild-crafted.

Skincare BannerStrictly Organic

All ingredients must meet John’s strict guidelines:

  1. All products must be made with 70-100% organic content
  2. No sodium lauryl sulfate, parabens, DEAs, MEAs, or TEAs
  3. No GMOs (Genetically Modified Organism)
  4. No animal testing
  5. No artificial colours, fragrances or fillers
  6. All plant extracts and essential oils must be certified organic whenever possible
  7. All essential oils used must be steam-distilled and not extracted with propylene glycol – which kills the effect of the oils
  8. All plant oils must be cold pressed, not heat distilled – which kills the therapeutic properties of plant oils
  9. All ingredients must be proven to be beneficial to the hair or skin
  10. All ingredients must be harvested in an environmentally-friendly manner (wild-crafted)
  11. All ingredients must be as bio-degradable as possible

John Masters Organics are also conscious of looking after the animal world and the only animal products used are honey and beeswax.

Simply admired

The John Masters Range is respected and admired worldwide, so join stars, such as Jessica Alba, Alicia Silverstone, Oliver Thornton and Nelly Furtado who all love their products.

Come to the salon and find out what all the fuss is about!

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