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Boost body with Kevin.Murphy’s Plumping Range

Jan 24, 2019

Fine hair, that gets finer over time can be a cause of worry.   Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is a hormone that can cause hair loss. Because testosterone converts to DHT men are at greater risk than women, however, both genders can experience DHT related hair loss. 

Luckily, Kevin Murphy has developed products to help slow down, reduce and reverse the effects of hair thinning and loss. So lets take a look at the Plumping range. 

Kevin Murphy makes no bones about the fact that he draws on the make up and beauty industry for inspiration when it comes to designing his hair care ranges. With the plumping range he has co-opted eyelash thickening technology to thicken and protect individual strands of hair.  

Aside from the fact that this range challenges an issue many people, male and female, deal with daily, we also love that it’s gentle enough to be usable by cancer suffers to help aid hair growth during and after treatment. 


Plumping.Wash and Rinse

The wash and rinse repair damage and prevents the hormone DHT from further damaging the hair follicles. Damaged hair follicles can release the hair and not have new growth.

Ginger stimulates the scalp and accelerates hair growth while nettle combats the DHT hormone and oleonic acid fights cuticle aging. Lotus flower and shea butter in the rinse soften and nourish the hair while the vitamin B strengthens it and shields it from humidity. 

Rice protein rebuilds the hair and biotic B7 increases the anagen stage of hair growth, stopping the hair follicle from releasing the hair. 

Apply a 10 pence piece size amount of Plumping.Wash to thoroughly wet hair and massage through, rinse and repeat. Follow with the same amount of Plumping.Rinse and brush through hair before rinsing thoroughly. We recommend using a Wet Brush for best results. 



Body.Mass also uses eyelash thickening and lengthening technology to strengthen hair, making your hair appear thicker and fuller instantly. It will also improve the quality of your hair over time. This dual-purpose product is rich in oleanolic acid found in hemsleya root which helps to fortify and strengthen the hair at the root. It also offers heat protection up to 420°F/216°C.

Parsley increases blood flow, helping to promote growth and prevent hair loss while biotin vitamin B creates a protective shield to help maintain the hair during the growth phase.