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Featured Product – Plumping.Rinse

Oct 31, 2018

Plumping.Rinse is a thickening conditioner designed for hair that has become finer over time.

It draws on eyelash thickening and lengthening technology to help plump up the hair.

It is designed to protect against the damaging effects of the hormone DHT. This naturally occurring chemical damages the hair follicles and reduces their lifespan, causing hair to fall out and preventing new growth. You can read all about DHT in the PDF version of our Winter 2017 newsletter

The Plumping range from Kevin Murphy will encourage new hair growth. What we love about organics is that they are so gentle that even Cancer sufferers can use this product to aid their hair growth.

How to apply Plumping.Rinse

Apply Plumping.Rinse to clean and wet hair (ideally after Plumping.Wash), massage through and rinse. Follow with a spritz of Body.Mass to increase the growing phase of the hair.  

Plumping.Rinse contains ingredients such as:

  • Oleanonic acid– nourish
  • Lotus Flower– softens
  • Vitamin B – strengthens and provides a protection shield for humidity. Reduces hair loss. Manufactures healthy hair.
  • Amino Acids – replicates keratin (which is present in healthy hair)
  • Shea Butter – moisture, repair, protects from weather conditions
  • Rice Protein – rebuilds hair
  • Biotic B7 – strengthens,protects, increases anagen stage of hair growth (stops hair follicle releasing the hair)
  • Parsley – antioxidant, protection, improves scalp health