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Top 10 tips for maintaining a healthy glow through winter

Dec 10, 2013

Christmas being on the horizon may be providing us with a good bit of distraction, and there may still be a few official weeks of autumn left, but at pHd Malvern we feel that winter is most definitely in full swing.

We don’t know about you, but we find that, like clockwork as the evenings begin to draw in, our skin starts to get dryer. After months of not needing hand cream or lip balm we suddenly find our lips chapping and the skin on our hands tightening.

The seasons definitely take their toll and just as we have to modify our clothing we should also be adapting our beauty routines.

Despite the fact that we usually see more rain in the autumn and winter months, colder air is actually dryer as it can’t hold water as well. Turning the heating up won’t help either as the higher temperature draws out what little moisture is left in the air and your skin.

And did you know that the harsh winds of autumn and winter can strip your skin of protective lipids making it more susceptible to UV rays in those rare moments when the sun makes an appearance?

Sadly we can’t all jet off to warmer climes for the chillier months, so here are our top 10 tips for maintaining the healthy glow we spent our summer achieving.

  1. Prevention is always better than cure, don’t pack away that sunscreen just yet. Make sure you apply SPF 15+ on exposed skin when you’re out and about and reapply throughout the day,  some recommend as regularly as every two hours.
  2. We don’t want to miss out on those delightful autumn walks so cover up with a moisture-wicking scarf made from natural, soft materials that will help to protect your skin from the elements.
  3. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Moisturise your skin daily. If we could underline this five times and circle it in bright yellow, we would. Keep your skin happy by moisturising right after you’ve cleansed or gotten out of the shower.  Our favourite skin food is Replenish face cream from Herbfarmacy priced at £21.50. Or if you want an intense anti-aging moisturiser then John Masters Mandarin Maximum Moisture (£48) is for you.
  4. Stay clear of harsh toners, clay masks and strong anti-aging products that remove the skins natural oils, the wind will be doing enough of that! Instead use the John Masters Calendula face mask (£26) once a week, perhaps a Sunday night treat along with a nourishing body lotion like the John Masters Orange and Vanilla, £18, which smells like heaven.
  5. Don’t forget to exfoliate, but be gentle! Use a mild, daily exfoliator that cares for and restores your skins natural PH balance. Look for oil-based scrubs to really pamper your skin.
  6. Consider changing your products with the seasons. Not only are your skin’s requirements different at different times of the year but your skin, itself, changes. Pop in and have a chat with our specialists  in Pure Beauty at pHd to get tailored advice on what will work best for you.
  7. Most of us put our hands through a lot and in the colder months you need to moisturise frequently throughout the day. So make sure you carry a light moisturiser with you, so that you can keep topped up wherever you are. We recommend the Working Hands hand cream from Herbfarmacy – £15.95 as our ultimate winter hand cream!
  8. Take this opportunity to regenerate and renew your skin after the summer excesses with a deep cleansing and purifying John Masters Luxury facial.
  9. Always keep lip balm handy. There are so many dinky products available in all sorts of flavours.  We recommend Simply Organic lip balm, £5.00, for dry, chapped lips.
  10. Finally putting the right things into your body will help your skin cope with what autumn and winter have to throw at it. Drink plenty of water and eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables.