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Summer Beauty Tips from Jadee

May 19, 2017

It’s so important to take  time out of our busy schedules, to make time for ourselves. It doesn’t have to be a big thing or time consuming, simple pleasures can restore and nourish you. I believe that one wonderful way to do that is with Herbfarmacy’s beautiful products. The very essence of Herbfarmcy’s ethos is nurturing from seed to grown plant, from harvesting to the finished product. Every treatment radiates tenderness and creates a sense of well being when used.

This summer why not indulge in Herbfarmacy’s beautiful products and treat yourself to a full head-to-toe pamper session? I’m going to talk you through a wonderful step-by-step guide of how to really treat yourself on a glorious summers day or evening.

Lets start at the top!


Mallow Beauty Balm– This signature balm softens and deeply moisturises the skin, leaving it feeling smooth and protected. Use as a treatment facial mask or as an alternative to a night time moisturiser. If using as a mask, apply a small amount evenly all over the face and neck, a little bit goes a long way. Leave the mask on for 10-15 minutes to allow the balm to hydrate and condition the skin. Remove with a warm flannel then tone and moisturise.


Hand treats from Herbfarmacy at pHd MalvernNow lets turn our attention to our hands. Too often over-looked, our hands need a little TLC even during the summer. 

Exfoliate– Refining Exfoliator is perfect way to exfoliate the hands to remove any dead skin cells that have built up. Apply a small amount in circular motions over the back of the hands and then rub your hands together to exfoliate the whole of the hand area. Rinse with warm water. Doing this twice a day will really help to improve your skin and you’ll soon notice how much softer your hands are.

Moisturise– Enriching Hand Cream is deeply hydrating and restorative. Apply this daily to nourish and care for your hands. Taking just five minutes to gently massage the product into your skin will nurture your skin whilst helping you to relax. You could also add a few drops of Rose and Mallow Facial Oil to the moisturiser if you need a little extra nourishment.

CuticlesNail and Cuticle Oil is perfect for maintaining healthy nails and cuticles. Massage the oil into your nail and cuticles daily this will encourage the new nail to grow healthy and hydrate the surrounding skin.


Lets not forget our feet. For those of you that really suffer with very dry skin Skin Rescue Balm, or what I like to call ‘Miracle Balm’, is a wonderful product. Applying the balm to dry cracked feet really does soften the skin and deeply moisturise. For best results leave it on over night to allow it to soak in. 

Enriching Foot Cream is also a wonderful luxury foot treat. It really helps to banish aches and pains from a full day of being on your feet. Apply the cream to the feet and lower leg to really help refresh and revitalise.  

Applying any or all of these products in the evening before going to bed will help you to wind down, relax and get a great night’s sleep. Meanwhile, the gorgeous products will be working to their full potential over night. All of this means that you will wake up with a spring in your step and wonderfully nourished feet, what better way to start a great day?