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Pure Beauty – Expert tips

Jan 20, 2015

We often start a new year with a diet or a detox, but how often do we think about changing our skin routines?

Why not make 2015 the year that you really start to get to know and take care of your skin? Talk to our therapist to make sure you are using the perfect products that are suited uniquely to your skin and be sure that the products you are using are nourishing and caring for your skin, rather than storing up future problems.

Relaxing pedicures at pHd MalvernKeeping our skin hydrated throughout the colder months is essential to protect and care for the skin against the harsh wind and rain or the dry air caused by central heating. Using a moisturiser morning and evening will help you enter Spring fresh faced and confident when the sun begins to shine.

Don’t forget your feet! Wrapped up in woolly socks and slippers or stuffed into wellies and boots it’s easy to forget about them duringĀ  the winter months. Having regular pedicures keeps the skin and nails in good condition, ready for the summer months when we live in our open toe shoes or flip flops. A Pure Pedicure is both relaxing and soothing and the therapist will pay attention to the cuticles, nails and condition of the skin, ensuring that you get a pampering experience that’s good for your feet.

 pHd Malvern top tip for January detoxCleanse
Finally, we’d like to share our favourite January Detox. A tall glass of lemon water upon waking is an excellent way to hydrate and cleanse the body first thing in the morning. Lemons are a powerful healing fruit that contain phenomenal antibiotics and antiseptics. Lemons are also rich in vitamins C and B-complex and minerals such as iron, calcium, magnesium, silicon, copper, and potassium. They have long been considered to be a wonderful tonic and can help to cleanse and detoxify the entire body as well as giving you a refreshing wake-up.