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Product of the Week – A Breakthrough for organic hair colour

Aug 18, 2016

What you are about to read, may change your hair colouring experience for life!

Since doing our Colour Training in Manchester with Fuente the entire team have been absolutely loving their Colour Care range!

There are seven different base colours, Blonde, Brown, Silver, Violet, Gold, Copper and Red which are all inter-mixable, so the real range of colours is almost unlimited.

The product can be used as colours or toners and you could even take your tailored mixture home with you to refresh your colour between appointments!

We think you’ll agree that it’s pretty clear why this product made Product of the Week!

And it doesn’t stop with amazing colours and versatility, unlike so many chemical laden and off-the-shelf colours, these beauties double up as conditioners too so they don’t do ANY damage to the hair, in fact quite the opposite, they nourish it.

If you’re interested in giving the Fuente Colour Care range a go, get in touch. We’ll arrange for your complimentary consultation where we can give you the advice you need to achieve the look you desire!

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