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Organic excellence with pHd and Kevin Murphy

Apr 26, 2018

At the pHd Malvern we are celebrating one year of working and training with Kevin.Murphy. We found a kindred spirit that truly shares our organic vision for hair and beauty. Together we are reducing our environmental footprint and keeping waste to a minimum. We are using responsibly sourced ingredients and helping our clients achieve amazingly beautiful hair which doesn’t cost the earth.

Deeper knowledge

We’ve been truly inspired and have squared up to the challenge to continue to lead organic hairdressing in the West Midlands. Our first step is for the whole team to attend training courses in Manchester with the KM creative team. Here we will be learning all the latest techniques in cutting, colouring, styling, pin-ups and much more.

Cut me curved

Claire and Becky are undertaking a course called ‘cut me curved’. This is new style of  cutting uses special curved scissors for a superior cut. It enhances shape, movement and texture.  Both experienced hair stylists are excited to continue to build on their extensive cutting and styling knowledge.

Model needed

And here is where you come in! Claire is looking for a volunteer to take up to Manchester to model a ‘catwalk look’. If you are interested, please get in touch and we can discuss the details.

What really inspires us about Kevin.Murphy and organic hairdressing in general, is that it’s not all about appearances at any cost. The pHd team are learning about the science behind the brand which helps us to continue to grow as true experts in the products. And that means we can offer our clients ever better, more tailored, more valuable, advice.

Want to know more?

You can find out more about Kevin.Murphy and the other organic products we use in the salon by checking out our products pages. You can also call or pop into the salon and chat with us about how these amazing products can help you achieve beautiful, manageable hair organically.