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Lighten up – add a little blonde sunshine to your hair

May 17, 2018

With Summer on the horizon, the pHd team thought it might be a good time to talk about lightening up. Not just the weather and our moods, but also hair colour. Have you considered blonde?

After what seemed like an eternal winter, it finally felt like spring arrived over the Bank Holiday weekend. We hope that you managed to get out and enjoy the gorgeous weather. 

Sunshine on a rainy day

We know full-well that the chances of the sun staying put are slim, but even if the weather is dull, there’s no reason why you must be! A touch of blonde can really lift your spirits and brighten any day, come rain or shine.

The best thing about going for blonde today is that there are so many options. Everyone can find a shade and tone to suit them. Choose from soft beige, to light gold, to platinum or even something a little smokey.

The current trend is to tone blondes with lilac, apricot (Chloe’s hair, right has a little of both) and even silver. Rose gold is not just for mobile phones, beige is no longer boring and grey is definitely not aging. The more adventurous are even opting for contrasting roots or tips in dark or popping colours. As you can see, the options are almost endless and we’ve already achieved a whole host of looks in our Malvern salon with our beautiful clients. 

You might want to go for something striking or subtle, a few highlights or a full head of colour. Whatever you fancy, the pHd team can deliver. Our natural organic-based colour range from Kevin.Murphy is so versatile that we can help you achieve the look that works for you.

Natural, environmentally friendly and cruelty free

Not only are these gorgeous colours kind to the environment, but they’re also gentle on your hair and scalp. Even better, the colour lasts and fades beautifully, and our clients report happy, healthy hair.  

Can’t decide what colour you want? Don’t worry. Pop in for a free consultation and we’ll put our experience and skill to work and find the perfect shade for you.

Lift your mood and brighten your day and go blonde for the Summer.