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Restore your hair

Mar 11, 2024

Only Two Spaces Left for Wednesday 13th March!

Are you experiencing hair loss or thinning?

Have you heard of PRP?

PRP, or Plasma Rich Platelet Therapy, harnesses the power of your own blood to revitalise your hair follicles, promoting robust new growth and restoring your hair. This innovative treatment infuses your follicles with a nourishing elixir, resulting in stronger, thicker hair that exudes vitality and volume.

How does it work?

I draw a small amount of your blood and then separate the plasma from the blood using a centrifuge machine. This nutrient-rich liquid can then be injected into the hair follicle to promote hair growth.

PRP isn’t just for your hair—it’s also a gentle, non-toxic solution for addressing fine lines, creases, and wrinkles, effectively rejuvenating and smoothing your facial skin. Dubbed “Natural Botox,” PRP offers a holistic approach to skincare that enhances your natural beauty.

Treatments cost £250 per service.

Malvern Trichology Clinic is extending an exclusive invitation to a pre-opening event on Wednesday, 13th March, with limited slots available for PRP treatments. As a special introductory offer, we’re offering a discounted rate of £600 for a package of three sessions. That’s a saving of £150. Sessions are spaced monthly for three months—a regimen designed to maximise your results. Maintenance sessions every 6-12 months will help sustain your newfound radiance.

Secure your spot by emailing [email protected] to express your interest.