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Go natural – says london breast cancer surgeon

Oct 19, 2017

Worrying new research by leading London Professor Kefah Mokbel, a breast cancer surgeon at the Princess Grace Hospital in central London has identified a 14% rise in breast cancer rates among women who dye their hair.

Although he says he needs further research to confirm his findings he raises safety doubts over the use of chemical hair dyes. He writes “What I find concerning is the fact that the industry recommends women should dye their hair every four to six weeks.”

This is the latest research to highlight concerns over the carcinogenic content of mainstream hair dyes. A Finish study carried out in 2015 found an even higher increased risk.

Professor Mokbel recommends that women seek out natural colourants when dying their hair.

Although at pHd we’ve long known about the damage caused by chemical hair and beauty products we are always dismayed to see research like this. But, we are able to offer a safer alternative and pride ourselves on using products that are free from ppd, parabens and ammonia. We are also cruelty free too. 

Organic hair and beauty is the right choice for your skin, health and the environment, without the compromise. Our beautiful, lasting colours won’t put your health at risk and are great whether you’re looking for a subtle lift, wanting to cover or celebrate your grey or looking to experiment with high-fashion colours.

Whatever you want from your hair dye, we can cater to it, organically and, safely.