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Featured Product – Super.Goo

Nov 24, 2018

Super.Goo is the perfect name for this product. It’s neither paste nor gel, it’s definitely goo. 

But this is one gooey treat that you’re going to wonder how you managed without!

It is a firm, rubbery gel that can be used on damp or dry hair to mold to whatever style suits – Kevin Murphy uses it to achieve ‘super defined, chunky texture’. 

The firm hold goo dries to give your hair a sleek look with high shine that will last the whole day. It boosts volume and also works as a great curl enhancer. It won’t leave your hair feeling crispy or crunchy and it’s great for all hair types too. 

How to use Super.Goo

Apply with fingers through damp or dry hair and style to the desired look. If using on damp hair you can blow dry to boost body or define curls. You can also mix it with a little water to make it easier to apply. 

Super.Goo contains

  • Green tea – Promotes elasticity in the hair keeping it movable. 
  • Bamboo – Works to protect the hair’s integrity
  • Nettle– Stimulates and conditions