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Featured Product – Stimulate.Me.Wash

Dec 22, 2018

Stimulate.Me.Wash is part of Kevin Murphy’s men’s range but is actually perfect for many hair types. We particularly recommend it for clients with oily hair or scalp problems as well as normal hair. 

It’s full of fantastic antioxidants which refresh and clean of product build up from regularly styled hair. So you’ll just be left with stronger, fuller and thicker hair.  

How to use Stimulate.Wash

Apply to wet hair, massage into scalp and throughout the length of the hair, rinse and repeat if necessary.  Follow with Stimulate.Me.Rinse and Thick.Again to revitalise the hair and scalp and help slow the signs of hair loss. 

Key ingredients

  • Bergamot, Mint and Black Pepper – clarify hair and scalp, reduces the DHT which helps prevent hair loss
  • Camphor Crystals – stimulates and provides strength
  • Parsley Leaf Extract – antioxidant, provides hair protection, promotes a healthy scalp