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Featured Product – Shimmer.Me Blonde

Apr 28, 2018

Looking for a product to repair, protect and keep your cool hair tone all at the same time? Shimmer.Me Blonde would be a fab choice.

This spray in hair treatment contains colour enhancers and optical brighteners to moisturise, restore and refresh lightened, highlighted and blonde or grey tones. It counteracts light, warm tones such as yellow and gold, keeping your colour cool and sophisticated.  Mica crystals, often used in skin luminisers as a concealer or for glowing highlights, act as tiny lavender mirros that reflect light and give hair a uniform shine. 

Shimmer.Me Blonde also offers excellent heat protection and because it’s a leave-in treatment it provides 24 hour repair. To use, simply twirl the product around gently before use to mix the lavender crystal brighteners and then spray onto wet or towel dried hair, or use as a finishing mist on dry hair. Don’t rinse, leave to dry naturally and style as desired.


  • 6 Australian Fruit and bamboo Extracts – Provides a glossy finish, shine and strength
  • Mica Crystals – tiny little lavender mirrors that reflect light and give uniform shine
  • Babassu Oil – Nutrients help protect the hair and keep in the natural healthy hair strength and shine
  • Soy Bean Oil – This will soften and smooth the hair