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Featured Product – Repair-Me.Wash

Sep 20, 2018

Repair-Me.Wash from Kevin.Murphy was designed to be used to reconstruct and repair brittle, damaged hair. However, our experience using it both in the salon and at home, we think this is a lovely light all-round moisture range. It can even be used on finer hair.

High protein products used to leave a residue in the hair which could leave it feeling brittle and stiff. But Kevin,Murphy has developed a way to lock the protein in an enzyme to keep it ‘Wobbly and soft, which allows it to fit exactly into the damaged site like a key in a lock’ says Kevin Murphy. 

The result is soft, shiny, repaired hair that looks and feels amazing. 


How to use Repair-Me.Wash

Rinse hair thoroughly with water then apply a ten pence piece size amount of the product and massage through. Rinse and repeat, so you have carried out a second shampoo. Finish by using Repair.Rinse.


Repair.Wash contains ingredients such as

  • Extracts of Pineapple, Papaya and Green Pea Protein– strengthens dry, damaged hair
  • Bamboo/Nettle– for strength, reconstruction and protection
  • Silk Amino Acids– for hydration (draws moisture into hair)