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Featured Product – Festive bounce with Full.Again

Nov 8, 2018

Worried about fine or thinning hair? We can recommend an excellent boost for you (and your locks) with Full.Again from Kevin Murphy. 

This awesome thickening lotion boosts body and bounce giving you naturally thicker-looking hair. It really does help thin hair feel thicker without weighing it down. All hair types will appear fuller without sacrificing movement. 

Kevin Murphy created the product to help boost lack-lustre hair for the models he worked with backstage. He found that during the day their hair would lose it’s bounce, becoming dull and lifeless. This amazing formula solved that. 

At pHd Malvern, we love it for creating quiffs and big bouncy blow-drys. 

Full.Again contains water soluble rayon fibres which help the hair to appear thicker creating fuller, smoother and stronger hair. 


How to apply Full.again 

A little goes a long way! Apply a 5p size among to hands and massage onto freshly washed, damp hair from the mid-lengths to the ends. Make sure you really work it into the ends to boost thickness and strength. Style as desired. We find that blow drying will really add body.


What’s in Full.again? 

  • Amyris regeneration oil – fights ageing, repairs hair shaft
  • Elemi oil – moisturises the hair
  • Sandalwood oil – nourishes the scalp
  • Beeswax – helps moulding and setting of the hair while locking in moisture.