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Featured Product – Doo.Over

Mar 6, 2018

Natural hair is in fashion, just add texture!

Doo.Over is a texture hairspray made from bringing two original Kevin Murphy products together to give light hold, texture and volume on dry hair. What we love about this product is that this volume lasts and looks amazing.

This is an amazing product for helping to remove excess 

oil so saves you time because you don’t have to wash your hair so regularly. Not only that but that means that your hair will retain its natural oils keeping it happier and healthier, which is what we like to hear!

Doo.Over – The ingredients

Tapioca Starch – This removes excess oil from the scalp and gives the hair a soft feel.
Patchouli Oil – Anti-ageing for the hair and scalp.

How to use it

Shake it really well and spray evenly onto dry hair with a focus on the roots then massage in.