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Featured Product – Body.Builder

Oct 10, 2018

Don’t despair at your fine hair! Body.Builder from Kevin Murphy is the solution to all your body boosting problems.

It’s a no crunch, moisturising, weightless mousse that can support any type of styling. It boosts hair with flexible fullness, great shine and hold. Even brushing won’t phase this product, it will just bounce back into shape. 

We love it because not only does it do what you need it to, it also protects your hair all day lone with built in UV filters. 

“I’ve never been an advocate of mousse,” says Kevin Murphy, “but mousse makes the tiny spaces between hair greater….so even the finest heads of hair will be able to benefit from this mousse.”


How to use Body.Builder

Hold the can upright and apply a generous amount of product into your hand then use your fingers to rake it into your hair. Don’t be afraid to add more if you need to, it’s weightless so it won’t drag you down. 

Leave to air dry or style as required.



Body.Builder contains ingredients such as

  • Sunflower Seeds – Sun protection
  • Vitamin B5 – Provides moisture
  • Tangerine – Shine (locks down the hair’s cuticle). Boosts body in hair and gives a flexible hold