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Wow with amazing fashion colour from pHd Malvern

Feb 27, 2018

We recently achieved a stunning fashion colour on one of our clients. We’ve had a lot of interest in the results and wanted to share the process in a little more detail.

fashion colours from pHd Malvern

The example (left) and the end result (right)

Our client had a good idea of what she wanted and brought us a photo (right) as an example. A look like this is not easy or quick to achieve, but both the pHd team and our client think the result is well worth the effort! (right)

The end result is amazing, and the client is very happy with her new hair. She will be able to enjoy the look for at least six weeks before needing any topping up in the root area.

It took around 5 hours to achieve this look, including the final styling. However, the client has very long thick hair, times would vary considerably if the hair was finer or shorter.

How did we achieve this fashion colour?

Firstly, to prepare the hair for the fashion colour target shades we needed to do a balayage technique with two mixtures of Kevin Murphy Cream Lightener on clean dry hair. A slightly stronger mixture for the mid lengths than for the ends.

Once lightener had developed we removed the product with Maxi.Wash to stop any further development of the product, followed with Re.store and Staying.Alive. These products help to balance the hair’s protein and moisture and even out the porosity of the hair for the next step.



Hair before fashion colour applied at pHd Malvern

Hair before fashion colour applied

Lightening the hair before applying fashion colour at pHd Malvern


Between stages waiting to apply fashion colour at pHd Malvern

Dry and ready for stage 2

Waiting for the fashion colour to develop at pHd Malvern



We blow dried the hair completely, ready for the fashion colour shades to be applied. We used 5.6 + 6% on the root area to cover any grey hairs and to ensure colour vibrancy, 5.6+ 6.6 +3% was used to smudge further down the mid lengths, the next colour to blend was 7.64+ 1% this is a great mixture to stain the pre-lightened hair without causing any stress on the hair and ensuring vibrancy.

Finally, the ends were left out to show off the soft honey blonde achieved with the first lightening stage.

The final result beautiful fashion colour from pHd Malvern

The end result




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