Excellence in organic hair & beauty

Pure Beauty

Pure Beauty at pHd is leading the way in natural organic beauty therapy by offering only the finest organic products in our treatments which achieve truly beautiful results.

Skincare 2 Group Pic (960x1280)Naturally beautiful

Organic products are more readily accepted by the skin and provide the most nourishment to achieve ultimate skin beauty.

Soul deep care

However beauty is more than what you see on the surface it goes far deeper. Caring for your body and yourself on the inside is just as important as applying lipstick or nail polish to the surface.

Stress is one of the biggest enemies for our skin and general well-being, which is why taking time out to relax and regroup your thoughts is so important to make yourself feel good.

At Pure beauty we provide a very personal service in a calm and relaxed atmosphere so whichever treatment you choose will be guaranteed to make you feel at ease and give you time out.

Beauty room 1Beauty excellence

We truly believe natural organic beauty is the way forward. We can offer all the top beauty treatments, luxury skin care, hand and foot care and make up without using harsh chemicals, meaning that you can look beautiful and feel great about it.

Always at the forefront of the industry we also offer the latest beauty trends such as gel colour nail polish. The nails and hands are prepared with organic products and then the gel colour is applied.

Any product left on the skin as part of your treatment will be organic.  We use 100% natural organic argon oil after waxing and all of our massage and essential oils are organic. We source our manicure and pedicure products from Herefordshire and Somerset.

Once you go organic we believe that you will never look back.

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