Head Over Healing

Jul 27, 2019

Claire’s new venture, Head Over Healing, launched last week with a piece in the Malvern Gazette, did you see it?

Owner of pHd, Claire Gilbraith, is setting out to help people with medical hair loss.

With Head Over Healing, Claire is offering a one to one service at the Salon, in your home or at the hospital. She hopes to support clients with styling for hair loss, wig fitting, cutting, styling and personalisation, scalp analysis and specialist advice on managing medical hair loss. We spoke to Claire about her new project.

What inspired you to branch out this way?

During 35 years of hairdressing, I’m very lucky to have met some amazing people and I’ve gained experience of medical hair loss through clients, friends, and family. I’ve already seen a tiny bit of the hair loss journeys and I want to use my experience and passion to bridge the gap between hairdressing and trichology to offer my support to the whole community and really help people.

How do you work with wigs?

This is such an important area, I’m thrilled to be expanding my skill set. I attended an inspirational course run by celebrity hairdresser, Trevor Sorbie MBE. He founded My New Hair a charity supporting professionals and salons offering wig styling services for people suffering from medical hair loss.

For some people it’s like here’s a wig, off you go, this is what you have got to wear and it just doesn’t feel like their hair. I am qualified to help with wig fitting and can then cut and style it so clients feel like themselves in it. They can bring photos and say “This is what I looked like, I want to look more like me.” and I can help. I can soften or texture the wig hair to make it look more natural and style it so that when they’re wearing it they feel more like themselves.

How do you style for hair loss?

It can be quite traumatic to lose a lot of hair, some people like to just have it cut off so they don’t have to go through the process. Others want to hang onto their hair for as long as possible. I can offer stage cutting, so from long hair, we can go to a medium look and then a pixie cut, before the possibility of a head shave. Being able to go through this process in private rather than a busy salon can be really helpful. 

I have a lot of experience with stage cutting and I’m happy to look after a client’s hair through the whole process. Hopefully, I can help make the journey just a tiny bit easier.

What about scalp care?

I can examine the scalp using a scope that magnifies by 200x meaning I can look at the health of the scalp and follicles. I can see how many strands of hair are coming out of each follicle and if the follicles are closing and even look at blood supply. All of this helps reassure clients how best to move forward.

Who should get in touch?

Anyone with hair loss or scalp issues. Head Over Healing is not just for radical hair loss through cancer, but for those with alopecia and other scalp conditions. I can help when you’ve hit a wall and everything you’re buying from the supermarket isn’t working so you don’t really know what to do next.

What is your main hope for Head Over Healing?

I want to reassure and support my local community through their hair loss journey. I really want to use my extensive experience and knowledge to help the people of Malvern. Not everyone feels comfortable going to a busy salon for these sorts of treatments, so I’m offering them the chance to take some time for themselves one-to-one and let me hopefully take a little bit of the stress out of a challenging experience.

If you would like to talk to Claire about how Head Over Healing could help you, you can:

Find her on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Head-Over-Healing

Email her: headoverhealing@outlook.com

Call her (mobile) : 07970337377

Call her at pHd: 01684 899044

Download the PDF by clicking the image.